Friday, December 9, 2011

"Christmas Letter 2011"

By Jerry Zezima

The Stamford Advocate

Since I am in the holiday spirit (and, having just consumed a mug of hot toddy, a glass of eggnog and a nip of cheer, the holiday spirits are in me), I have once again decided to follow in that great tradition of boring everyone silly by writing a Christmas letter.

That is why I am pleased as punch (which I also drank) to present the following chronicle of the Zezima family, which includes Jerry, the patriarch; Sue, the matriarch; Katie and Lauren, the childriarchs; and Dave and Guillaume, the sons-in-lawiarch. Happy reading!

Dear friend(s):

It sure has been an exciting 2011 for the Zezimas! The highlight of the year was when Lauren and Guillaume got married. Twice.

The first (and official) wedding was in France on April 30, the day after Prince William and Kate Middleton got hitched in England. It was nice of the royal couple to be the opening act for Lauren and Guillaume, who had what was referred to in the press (or at least in Jerry’s column) as the Wedding of the Century.

The trip to France was magnificent (magnifique) and memorable (memorable) because Jerry mastered the entire French language on the plane ride over and remembered enough curse words to use them effectively when his and Sue’s luggage got lost. It showed up one day before the wedding.

Still, the hospitality of Guillaume’s wonderful (merveilleux) family and the beautiful (beau or belle, take your pick) ceremony made everything perfect.

The second event, for the people from here who couldn’t make it there, was held on Long Island, N.Y., on June 5. It gave Lauren and Guillaume one more wedding than William and Kate had. This prompted Jerry to write the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a letter to thank them for playing second fiddle to the real royal couple. William and Kate wrote back (actually, it was their secretary, Mrs. Claudia Holloway, but close enough) to extend their best wishes to Lauren and Guillaume. The letter will be framed and hung in a prominent place (though not over the throne) in the House of Zezima.

Speaking of travels, Katie and Dave went back to college. They moved from Boston, where they went to college the first time, to Ann Arbor, Mich., where Katie got a fellowship to the University of Michigan. Not only don’t they have to take tests, but they get to travel to places like South America and Turkey. Best of all: No tuition payments for Sue and Jerry!

And speaking of school, Sue and Jerry attended their 40th high school reunion. They laughed, danced and reminisced with old friends. Everyone looked great, especially Sue. Jerry recalled his days as the class clown, except this time he wasn’t sent to the principal’s office.

On the financial front, Sue, Jerry and Lauren had a tag sale. Though they had plenty of liquid assets (Bloody Marys), they actually lost money. And the garage is still full of stuff. Next time, they are going to give cocktails to the customers.

On the medical front, Jerry has been waging a yearlong battle with kidney stones. One was removed, but another one remains. This, too, shall pass. That’s more than the doctor can say for the rocks in Jerry’s head.

On a sad note, Jerry’s dad, the original and best Jerry Zezima, passed away at age 93. He was beloved by everyone in the family and is missed every day. He was Jerry’s hero, not just because he was a great guy, but because he introduced Jerry to such lasting influences as Looney Tunes, Laurel and Hardy and “The Honeymooners.” The applehead didn’t fall far from the tree.

Well, that’s the news from here. Merry Christmas with love and laughter from the Zezimas.

Copyright 2011 by Jerry Zezima


Dave Astor said...

Excellentiarch Christmasiarch letteriarch, Jerry! Those holiday-time letters can be boring, but yours is definitely not. Yours is funny and warm (that latter quality comes in handy during a cold December). I was also interested to read that you now have family in Ann Arbor, where my wife grew up and which I've consequently visited several times. A great place!

JustRex said...

It was indeed an action filled year at the Zezima household. I am both happy and sad for you. Your Dad sounded like a great guy.

Jerry Zezima said...

Thanksiarch, Dave! Yes, my older daughter, Katie, and her husband, Dave, are living in Ann Arbor. They love it.

Jerry Zezima said...

Thank you, Darev2005. It was, indeed, quite a year, mostly good but also sad. My dad was the best.

Christopher Greco said...

Happy and Merry to the Zezima clan. Thanks for your adventurous, entertaining and heartwarming 2011.

Jerry Zezima said...

Thank you, Christopher. Happy and merry to you and yours, too!

rel said...

Sorry about your Dad's passing Jerry; 93 years is an enormous gap to fill.
Where in France did the happy couple get hitched?
I hear that kidney stones invite shock waves in abundance to create sand from stone. Hope yours resolve if not dissolve.
Merry Christmas to the Zezimas.

Jerry Zezima said...

Thanks for your very nice comment, Rel, especially your kind words about my dad. The happy couple got hitched in Cadenet, in the South of France. It's beautiful. And it's famous for its rock formations, otherwise known as Gaul stones. Speaking of which, I am scheduled to have yet another shock-and-awe treatment on a kidney stone that didn't disintegrate the first time. Meanwhile, a second opinion is in order. I hope the doctor doesn't say I'm crazy, too.